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Maperitive mac

Maperitive mac

Name: Maperitive mac

File size: 426mb

Language: English

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Maperitive is a desktop application which renders maps in real time using OSM Mac OS X. Download the latest Mono installation and install it. X11 has to be. Have you seen instructions on OSM's wiki page (bciconsultancy.com wiki/Maperitive#Mac_OS_X)?. BTW since I'm the author of. About Maperitive. Maperitive is a FREE desktop application for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data. Linux and Mac: latest Mono installed.

Maperitive is bciconsultancy.com application, that should typically works with mono on Linux and on Mac and will work natively on Windows. However, the. Did anyone get Maperitive running on Mac OS? I installed the Maperitive package and the Mono Framework, made bciconsultancy.com executable. I'm wondering if I can get an explanation how to get the program to run on my Mac. I've installed Mono (it seems it installed an alias for.

Hello Daniel, take a look with an texteditor to bciconsultancy.com, maybe you need to change the path to your bciconsultancy.com I had the same problem. SVG export is one of the most useful features Maperitive provides and and run bciconsultancy.com (on Windows) or bciconsultancy.com (on Linux/Mac). As you save your file in JOSM, Maperitive should auto-update) (on linux / mac you will need mono installed then run bciconsultancy.com file in the. Learn how to use Maperitive and OpenStreetMap to create vector maps. I'd suggest if you want to create vector maps on a Mac, you'd likely.


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